Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thinking Without Thinking

Lessons — golf and life lessons — come disguised in many different packages.

For example, I've been enjoying the great games in the current NCAA basketball championships.

One of the best was yesterday's win by LSU over Texas, and the game-breaking shot was an improbable 3-pointer by Glen "Big Baby" Davis, LSU's huge center. In today's paper, he described the shot as "thinking without thinking." He went on to say that he plays his best when he's aware and into the flow of the game, but when he's not thinking about the details. If he thinks about the mechanics of making such a shot, he said, he's unlikely to make it. On the other hand, when he's aware at a high level and into the flow, then the game comes to him.

And so it is in golf. We do our thinking and planning before the shot, and then turn off our chattering surface mind and move into the flow of our routine. Think and plan from behind the ball, then execute without control.


Also... The newest podcast, on the subject of Yin and Yang, is available today. If you listen to it, you'll understand why I made a BIG mistake on my 2005 Christmas Cards when I boasted that I'd gone through 2005 without a single medical issue. And in the same way, if you listen, you'll understand why current events in my life may be better news than it may seem. I'll tell you all the details after there has been time to listen to the podcast. (Yes, that's a shameless teaser, intended to draw you into the podcast.)


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