Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Always Another Sunday

I'm sure you didn't miss last Sunday's tournament results: Stephen Ames won the PGA Player's Championship (the so-called 'fifth' major), and Jean Van de Velde won on the European tour — his first since his 1999 melt-down in the British Open.

You'll also remember that about a month ago Ames got his head handed to him by Tiger Woods in the first round of the World Match-Play Tournament. Ames had been asked if he had any chance, playing as the 64th seed against the #1-ranked player in the world. As he had to say, Ames said he certainly had a chance, but then went on to add, "especially where Tiger's hitting it right now." Tiger heard the comment, took offense, and proceeded to set a record for humiliation by beating him 9-8 (winning the first nine holes straight and tying the 10th)

Van de Velde, in 1999, came to the last hole of the British Open at Carnoustie with the tournament locked up, took a horrendous big number on the last hole, and ended up losing in a playoff to Paul Lawrie. This week he came to the last hole four up, made a double, but survived to win for the first time since his British Open debacle.

A clear and simple Zen lesson resides in both stories. The current Sunday is the only thing that matters. Former Sundays don't exist any more, and future ones haven't happened yet. The current moment is all you have... all you can ever have, so you might as well live it fully.

Moreover, regardless of the outcome, there is always another Sunday.


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