Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The 'Yin & Yang' of Winter Golf ...And a New Podcast

We've been having a relatively mild winter, here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Within the past week I had two chances to get out on our par-3 course for nine-hole two-ball workouts.

But yesterday I was treated to my first full-blown round of the year: three good friends, 18 holes, and $2 on 6-hole match-ups with each playing partner. Temperatures were in the mid-50's, so no winter gloves or bulky clothing was required. Yes, I'll admit we rolled them everywhere, including the un-kept traps. But, I had a thouroughly good time, won $2, took only one double, and had an honest score on the high end of what I'd expect in the regular season.

Today, I woke to snow, ice on the roads, and a howling mid-winter wind. A perfect Zen lesson on Yin-Yang, the essential nature of opposites. How would we know the good days if we never had the contrasting day?

New today: Podcast #13. But, be aware that I've changed from the topic promised in the last program.


At 2:15 AM, Blogger dave said...

We know the good from the bad here. The bad ones have wind over 100 mph for over 24 hours with constant rain. BUT today I play with a high around 72 and tomorrow we play with 77 degrees. This year we didn't loose any trees and kept all house parts intact.

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Still Learning... said...

Yes, Dave...

From the pix on your blog I can see that you really do know the good days, and I can only imagine what it all looked like on the bad.


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