Thursday, January 12, 2006

Podcasts: Good News & Bad

First, the good news: the podcast audience is growing. Recent download counts are up ~40%, with a continuing trend.

Now, the bad: In my review of program demand, I discovered that programs which had gone into archieve storage were no longer accessible. After a lot of head-banging, I've revised the link and all is well.

As I continue to say on the programs, there is a logical order to how these programs have been laid down. If you haven't been on-board throughout, you'll miss the full message, and I hope you'll now go back to the archieves (Click the "GolfingZen.Podcast link and scroll down the right-hand column to find the Archieves) and pick up what you've missed. In particular, don't miss #1 through #5 (the flat part of the demand curve).


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