Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Hole of the Third Eye: A "Review"

I can't resist passing on a comment I received yesterday from a friend to whom I gave a copy of my golf/zen novel (see the menu link). Sure... he's a friend. And, yes, it was a gift. But I'm sure he is sincere. Aren't you?

I have finished your book and I enjoyed it very much! It became for me a modern fable using golf as a metaphor to represent our earthly quest for meaning.

One of my tests for a good book is whether it resonants after the reading is done. It is a rare day that I do not think of something said in "The Hole of the Third Eye."

Thanks for writing it and thanks for giving me a copy.

... Joe Bishop, Greenville SC

Excuse me, dear reader/listener, for being a little non-Zen like... a little prideful.

I couldn't help it!

And... check back tomorrow. There will be a new essay, closely followed by a companion podcast.


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