Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Podcast... And a Reminder

Podcast 9 was posted today - Tuesday, the 27th. Like Podcast #3, this program is a side-trip into Western science. That earlier program dealt with "How Small?," as this one explores "How Big?" Each shows the striking parallels between the extremes of science and the ancient philosophies of the East.

At least to me, those parallels are proof that we'd better pay attention!

Also, a reminder: my next essay will go up either tomorrow or the next day (the 29th) and it will be the first in the upcoming series dealing with the true golf fundamentals... if there are any true fundmentals at all.

So, you have only a little time left to post a comment concerning your opinion on the fundamentals, and to perhaps win a copy of my golf novel, The Hole of the Third Eye. If you choose to do so, you'll need to contact me with your postal address. Click on the link to my novel and then on the contact button for the publisher. They, in turn, will forward to me.

Good luck!


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Guy said...

I posted earlier with what I think about on the golf course. My main problem is that I get quick with my swing causing all sorts of distance and control issues---plus some big time mental problems too.

For me, I am at my best on the golf course when I'm with a great crowd, making the camaraderie primary and golf secondary. This causes me to "chill out" enough so that I take nice, looping, stable, and powerful swings at the ball. But there is a difference between what I need to think about on the golf course and what the true golf fundamentals are.

Ultimately, it's about club path and clubhead angle at impact. Get swingpath and contact taken care of and you're suddenly a golfer. Much easier said than done however.

When I think about the fundamentals, I really think a part of it is about getting your body into the swing. Too often I see friends of mine or other people who are new to golf try to swing at the ball with their arms and hands. You can pull this off if you're flexible and strong, but I really think that people whose hips do not rotate very much (<10 deg) are not going to very successful. You got to get the whole body in there. It's like dancing: it's more than just limbs.

One key: the body is bigger than the hands, so you got to move it slower. A Tiger-like rip at the ball is rarely a good idea.

Another fundamental that I follow is to stay loose. When warming up before a round, my buddies hit 50 balls. I stretch for 20 mins while listening to music and then hit about 15 balls. Staying loose on the course maximizes your potential for club head speed and allows the golf club to swing itself to a degree.

The final fundamental that really comes into play on the course is simply to know your distances. It's not the easiest thing to figure out what club to hit when you have different winds, weather, varying lies, etc. This, I believe, only comes with course experience.

So there you have it: swing with the body (hit that ball with your belly), stay loose (let golf be easy and fluid), and pick the right club.

At 7:41 AM, Blogger chesebro said...

I don't know if this qualifies as a comment on golf fundamentals, but as a beginner I have noticed that technique aside, many golfers (experienced and beginner alike) get too wound up in the past or the future. By that I mean that some people get very upset about a missed shot. Their heart races and they remain upset in to their next shot.... which usually ends up being another "bad" shot. Their one bad shot can turn into a bad round. At other times, their concern about the tee shot ahead or their next approach shot can cloud their thinking on their current shot.

It seems that adopting a philosophy of recognizing the past and the future, but concentrating on the present is important. I've found that when I mishit it is easy for me to say "Well, I know why I did that and I'll try not to do it again. NOW... let's deal with my next shot." And by doing this, I am able to learn from my mistakes... but not let them or fear of the future affect what is happening in the present.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Still Learning... said...


You're certainly on the right track, although you'll find that I will have a few additions.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Still Learning... said...


I agree! Being calm and in an open mental state is a BIG part of it all.


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