Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Today: A Review

Check my Review page for a book that may help with your last-minute Christmas shopping and that will help your golf game (if you let it.)

Also, I'll be making a bit of a format change this week. I've offered a free copy of my Golf/Zen novel (check the menu link) for the best few comments on the current subject of my essays and podcasts: what are the true golf fundamentals? Because I'd hoped for more response, I'm going to extend the subject for an additional week. If you haven't kept up to date, check out the last two essays and podcasts, and then feed me your ideas. (And, in order to actually get the book, you'll need to give me some clue as to how to reach you!)

With the delay, this week's podcast will be another science lesson (my link to validating Eastern Thought: If modern science has the same view of true reality as Eastern spiritualism, then should we not give more credence to the Eastern map for living our lives?)


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