Sunday, December 25, 2005

New... And New Year's Resolutions

Christmas Day...

New offerings for today include a new fortune cookie (I've been lax on this item) and the last in my "How Slow?" swing tips.

But, we're also coming up on the New Year and the tradition of making resolutions for the new year. To help you figure out yours, I'm making mine public today (at least the golf ones). Here they are:

  • To play more of the better courses in my area: to not let my friends hold me captive on my home course.
  • To use this winter to build core strength and increase my flexibility: to go to the gym regularly.
  • To get rid of my chipping "yips."
  • To watch the Golf Channel and to read Golf Digest only to re-enforce what I already know: to not let myself get sucked into denying the truths that I already know.
  • To go back to Royal Dornoch (Scotland) this year.

There's mine. What are yours?


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Linda Smith said...

I am very impressed with your resolutions and applaud you for them!!!

My golf resolutions are to bring a club into the house and periodically practice my swing and to make the most of any lessons I take at golf school and otherwise to make 2006 the year of consistency and improvement so that I can play on larger and more difficult courses with less frustration. Also my goal is to not let a bad round put me in a funk and remember it is a game that I do for enjoyment!!!


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