Thursday, December 29, 2005


Comments are now coming in on the question of fundamentals:

  • "Magicode" says that it's all in the physics of how the clubface contacts the ball.
  • "Hiten" agrees with Magicode, with the addition that the turning torso provides the power instead of the arms.
  • "Chesebro" says it's all in your attitude - learning from bad shots instead of getting angry.

All good ideas... do you agree?


At 5:21 AM, Blogger Greg said...

OK, I'll pitch my comments in the hat...

I think that the true fundamentals of golf boil down to what ever works naturally for each individual. I have only been playing since June, but I can tell that when I can't get comfortable I can't make a good shot. I could not hit well at all when I first started because I was uncomfortable with the grip (I was using interlocking). My driving suffered the most and one day I gave up on what I'd been told I would get used to and changed my grip from neutral interlocking to strong overlapping. It was a much more natural feel and soon I was hitting the ball respectably.

What I'm saying is that you don't have to coach a child how to hit a ball with a stick. I think the same thing goes with golf. Just do what comes naturally and you will do fine.

Each individual has their own fundamental golf swing. Each individual can find their fundamental swing if they tune out the "Noise of many Teachers" and tune in what comes naturally and comfortably.



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