Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Just Sprinting Through...

Yesterday (Sunday), I was out for my weekly round with my wife, and it was perhaps our last round of the year together, as the forecast is for rain on Monday/Tuesday and snow flurries by Thursday/Friday.

But, the day at hand was gorgeous... low 60's and a clear blue sky.

We got into a little trouble on #4 (I won't say who, but one of us went back and forth between traps for a while), and I was aware of a single, steaming up behind us. And so we sat on the bench beside #5 tee and waited for the fellow, to let him go through. As he hustled up, I waved him on and he thanked us by saying, "I'm just sprinting through so that I can get home in time to see the Eagles (Philadelphia football) get killed." And, he was true to his word as he whacked his ball and hustled away toward the green. Almost before we knew it, he was out of range.

Here's a test for you: how many lessons can you count in that statement? I count four.

First, has he not heard of modern technology? Certainly he has a VCR, if not a DVR? This was not a choice he had to make at all, yet he was choosing to rush home to sit through 90 minutes of commercials in order to see 90 minutes of live game action, if you count a lot of standing around as "game action."

Second, he's anticipated a loss and is letting fear contaminate the experience. (In the end he was right about losing, if not about "getting killed.")

Third (and most important), what did he do to his golf experience? He turned the whole thing into a "task"... one to be disposed of as quickly as possible in order to get on to something apparently more important. See this week's Fortune Cookie and ask yourself what he did to enhance his golf game, and/or to build a better foundation for his play in the future. But, he did accomplish his (erroneous) objective, as we could see him leaving the 9th green for the parking lot when we were teeing off on #8.

And... the fourth lesson. This is a good example of the fact that the Universe is responsive! I believe that, as you get clarity about what your purpose is, about what you intend to be, then the Universe sends you opportunities to live that purpose. In creating this mental golf blog, I've told the Universe that I intend to be about golfing zen. That guy, sprinting past me, was a gift from the Universe, sent as fodder for this post.

I hope you got as much out of him as I did.

(New today: Podcast #4. And, if you've had trouble getting the "listen here" link to work, I think I've solved the problem (a difference between how Apple and Windows works). If that's your case, please try again.


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