Sunday, October 30, 2005

What was I thinking??

At my course, we're blessed with an "executive" course: 18 holes with a par of 61. Once a weekend (sometimes twice) my wife and I play there, as it is not intimidating for her and it tests my iron and short game play severely.

Today couldn't have been a more typical November: low 60's, cool breeze, blue sky, no crowds.

But, right out of the gate, I take a double on the first hole, a 150-yard par three. The double came from a plugged wet-sand lie in the front bunker, over a head-high lip to a pin tucked not 10 feet off the front edge. The plugged lie came from hitting the same club I would normally hit on a calm 90-degree summer day. Worse... I knew the mistake as I made it. "I'll just hit it a little harder." What was I thinking?

Which brings me to...

As we move to temperatures in the 50's, balls don't carry as far as in the summer, and anyone knows you have to adjust your club selection. But I'm playing with new clubs (see the "Review" page) and one is always worried about — and paying attention to — "How far am I hitting these new clubs? Are they better than my old ones, or not?" What a time to be trying out new clubs! What I should have done is left them in the box (there's only a few weeks left in our season) and started fresh with them in the spring. What was I thinking? Should I go back to the Pro-Combos for now?

Second Hole...

My wife hits a ground ball off the tee that doesn’t make the fairway, and then a Mulligan dead right, also in heavy rough. "I think I'll play the first one," she says. I volunteer to pick up her second ball and the next thing I know, I hear her calling behind me, "Do you know where my ball is?" I look back and see her wandering around somewhere way left of the line her first ball took. I swallow my urge to say that I'm busy finding her other ball, trudge back and find hers right where it should be.

Now... we've had many discussions about watching where her ball lands, picking a landmark beyond the ball and on a line from the tee, and then walking that line until you walk across your ball. The question: should I remind her, yet again. I decide I have to, as she often holds the group up while we help her look. So, typical husband, I do. What was I thinking?

Her anger produces two awful hacks, and immanent disaster intrudes on the beauty of the day. "I'm quitting," she announces.

But, miraculously, we get it together. We pick up our balls, walk back and to the tenth tee, greet each other as though we've just arrived, make some small talk about our mornings, and then succeed in having a pleasant 9-hole walk in the park.

Our mental game score: several small defeats and one huge victory.


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Greg said...

What were you thinking??? I'm sorry, but in marriage there are many situations where there is no "right" choice.

Here's an example:

My wife sends me to Sam's Club for a few items. I call my buddy (also married with kids) and let him know I'm going to Sam's since he's right on the way. His wife gives him a small list, I pick him up and off we go. We split up and work at completing our lists and at some point I see him in the cereal aisle. I think nothing of it, but some five minutes later He's still there.

The delemmia here is that his family needs cereal. His wife asked for a specific kind of cereal which is not available. Now he has two choices, both of which are WRONG.

Of course this whole thing could have been avoided had he remembered his cell phone (I did not own one at the time).

We discussed the situation for a few minutes and agreed that he would just have to take his licks.

I offered him one last piece of advice as I was dropping him off. I told him the best response to the inevitable question, "Why on earth did (or didn't) you do {insert your blunder here...}? is to simply reply, "Because I'm an Idiot?"

Answering the question with a question that is really what she is driving at ends the discussion cold 99% of the time.

Enjoying your blog,

At 6:17 PM, Blogger mediaguru @ said...

My wife doesn't golf and I'm actually glad. She has NO patience. She'll hit one good shot and golf is the funnest game ever. Then she'll hit one bad shot, cuss a few times and hates the stupid game.

Golf for me is a sanctuary where I can get mad at a stupid white sphere which I can't seem to control. In that quest to control the uncontrollable sphere, I forget all the other troubles and stresses in my life.


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